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The possible effects of a horseshoe kidney

My daughter of 7 years was diagnosed with having a horseshoe kidney at the age of 8 months with numerous side-effects. High blood pressure being one of them. Her case was very unique because of two obstructions in the kidney tube which prevented the urine to flow normally. Unfortunately this damaged her one kidney by 75 percent and the other one by 25 percent. Her case was so unique that a University wanted to operate on her infront of medical students for educational purposes in exchange not paying for it. We rather wanted to pay.

I did a lot of self study on the internet and books etc to see what I can do to help my child.

Thank God they could help her on the 5th surgery by taking one of the kidney tubes and extend it to another part of the kidney. She no longer had high blood pressure but the damage was done.

I joined a social media group for people with similar conditions as hers and came to find a whole lot from all around the world. It seems that every person’s symptoms were unique in some or other way. I no longer felt alone.

Firstly I would like to discuss dietery reccomendations for people with this defect:

♡ Substitute normal salt with Himalayan salt
♡ Eat lots of bananas and raisins
♡ Drink atleast 2 litres water a day
♡ Check every medicine box before using it. Lots of them indicate that people with kidney damage may not use it
♡ Cut out any cooldrink which contains gases.

NOW the possible symptoms which accompany this birth defect:

High bloodpressure
Abdominal pain
Kidney stones
Urinary tract infections
Mild rash on stomach
No appetite

My daughter did not want to eat because of the medicine that she had taken at that stage.  The Captopril sometimes takes away your appetite. She was also on Purbloka.

ONE last tip… people with kidney problems should not use a vibrating foot massager or a machine that shakes the body vigorously.

I hope my tips have been helpful. Please comment if you want more detailed information.

Proof of life after death

I read an article last week where scientists believed to proof there is life after death. It is a scary fact that we all are going to die some day. Look around you.  Do you see all the people? Every single one of them will be dead within 100 years. Weird to imagine, hey?

How do you feel about life after death? I would like to hear from you.


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Hollywood children abuse

Am I the only person that feels that the use of children in Hollywood are abuse? Some movies and not all though. I guarantee there are parents that force their children into auditioning only for the fact that is their dream to become famous.

The reason why I say it is abuse… just an example:

I loovvveeeee THE WALKING DEAD but somehow I feel that the baby used in the well known series must surely be traumatised by seeing the made up zombies. She doesn’t understand what is real and what is not…

Also any thriller or horror movie can be harmful to the young actors playing alongside the lead roles.

Another example is Tosh.O

I once saw an episode where a boys choir sang as backup for a web redemption and swore on tv…

I am not the type that sees everything wrong with Hollywood but our children are our future…. and what will our future look like…?

Stop fussing too much about animal cruelty and start fussing about child cruelty.

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