Tonight I feel a deep sadness for the world and it’s things.

I feel the heartache of the child sitting in a corner, clutching his legs. He is scared at this very moment, because mommy and daddy are fighting. He is wondering whether the Man that they heard about at church are real or not. He can hear glass breaking. Mommy is crying. He feels helpless.

I am wondering tonight about the man sitting on the corner of the street. Nowhere to go. Does he have someone to love?  I can imagine him letting everyone down that he ever loved and disappointing himself. The pain he must feel and the longing for the people that gave up on him.

Tonight I shed a tear for the mother that lost a child. To death or disappearance. Wondering whether it is worthwhile to keep breathing. She is wondering… Is my child safe? Is she crying? Is she scared? Is she calling for me? The pain is overwhelming and consuming all her energy. No one can understand the sense of failure she feels for not stopping what happened.

My heart goes out to the girl that can’t stand seeing herself in the mirror because of what  that girl said at school.  She feels vulgar. Like cutting off the fat. She wants to die. She never wants to see school as long as she lives. She feels worthless. Only, she do not know that there is a man looking at her with the most love that anyone can love another. She is most precious to Him.  That is where she would find her worth.

I pray and cry for these people tonight. I pray that through the heartache they will find the only One who can hold and make things better. The One that gives us worth. The one that lightens the worry. The one that can pick us up from what we think we are and not what we really can be.

God I pray that you will throw your arms around these hearts that are sinking at this very moment as I speak to You. You alone know who they are.


Your Daughter.