For a while now I wanted to share my view on saving money… Some of them are things you never thought of.

Here are some of them:


Sometimes when money is a problem, we vow to only eat what we have in the fridge, freezer and pantry.  We have a tendency to buy anything anytime when we feel like it and then our cupboards are full of unnecessary goods and stuff we haven’t used in weeks.  I then use the website

AMAZING is the word for this site.  You enter all the products that you have in your cupboards and it will show you all the recipes that you can make! What a way to save money.  Remember to list everything. Even the spices and nice sauces etc.



If there is any software that you SHOULD have, it would be YNAB (You need a Budget).  This software help you to set up a budget, enter your income and expenses and then see what you do during the month.  PLUS you can link the software to your phone and check anytime, anywhere.  You can even insert your purchases right after buying it at store.


It doesn’t mean that if you are saving money, your life has to be boring and dull.  Jazz up your lunch boxes for the children’s school or to work with a few tricks.

If you want some quick and easy recipes, subscribe to The One Pot Chef on YouTube and on Facebook or use the Supercook website.

Prepare the food in the beginning of the week and pack it in separate little bags, and place it in the freezer.  Then you can just take it out every night before.  It not only saves money, but time as well.

Some ideas are – Mini deep dish pizzas, Chicken Strips, Muffins, donuts, mini pizzas etc. Use your imagination.  It must be something that can be frozen and yummy if thawed.


There are things in your house that you use a lot.  For instance toilet paper, meat and chicken etc.  Every household differs.  A good idea would be to get hold of wholesalers of these products and join with friends and family to buy from them together.  The reason for sharing is because you have to buy a certain amount to get it at wholesale prices.  Start a group where you can share info and deals to share…




Admit it! Sometimes you feel like pampering yourself, but you don’t have enough money for other branded products. Today I would like to give you the best tested DIY @ HOME pampering methods:



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You will need:      Milk

                            Unflavoured gelatin



                            Small paintbrush

Method:               Take one tablespoon of milk

                            Take equal parts of gelatin and place in cup

                            Place in microwave for 10 seconds on HIGH

                            Mix with spoon

                            (Make sure that it is not too hot for your face)

                            Smear on your face

                            Keep away from eyebrows and eyes

                            Wait for it to dry (Atleast 10 minutes)

                            Pull it off




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Throw only a drop of cutex remover in the mascara container and shake well.

Try using it again.

If it is still too dry, try using another drop.



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Throw in a few drops of toner in the container and shake well.

Ready for use!!!



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You will need:         Bucket

                                1 Cup of Listerine

                                1 Cup of Vinegar

                                2 Cups of warm water

Method:                   Add all the ingredients in shallow bucket

                                Soak your feet in bucket for about 20 minutes or more

                                Scrub your feet smoothly

                                Rub your feet with foot cream

                                Close your feet with a plastic bag

                                Put on socks

                                Walk around in it for as long as possible



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You will need:         Time!!!

                                Boiling water

                                Towel to place over your cushion for the night

                                Coconut oil

Method:                   Boil the water

                                Place the coconut oil container in the water

                                After the oil turned liquid, take it and massage into your hair

                                Be sure to get the oil onto the roots and scalp

                                Pin your hair up

                                Place the towel on your cushion

                                Sleep with the oil in your hair

                                Wash your hair the next day twice

Everything on Taylor Swift’s WILDEST DREAMS

Everyone is buzzing about the best music video of Taylor Swift so far!!!

In this article I would like to discuss a few details and news surrounding her and this video.

The most spoken about subject is the racism that everyone is ranting about. I must say… people are blowing this way out of proportion.  They claim that the video (or rather Taylor Swift) is racist because of the lack or rather the absence of black people in the video.  Firstly I am from Africa and in the Kalahari and where the wild animals roam there isn’t any black people. Also, I would like to point out that all the people making a fuss about this, never even saw the plains of Africa. Neither saw a live African animal. Another point I would like to make is that in the 50’s the Hollywood actors would go to exotic places and make a film. IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!! You don’t see black people walking with the lions, do you???  Also, if that is racist, I would demand to see more white people in other R&B and rap videos.

Now on the lighter side.  There is speculation that the lion featured in the video is a symbol of Calvin Harris (Taylor’s boyfriend) to make a sneak peak. Calvin changed his picture on his Twitter account to what seems like the same lion that is used in the video.

The actor, Scott Eastwood is the youngest son of the well-known Clint Eastwood. When starting off in the acting scene, he used his mother’s surname when auditioning, because he wanted to be recognized for his talents, rather than his name.  He played the leading actor in Nicholas Spark’s, the Longest Ride.

A few people working at a zoo made a funny video where they posed like Taylor in front of a lion and sitting on a plane. They invited Taylor Swift to come and visit the zoo.  See the video here:

Hope this information was helpful!

My cover of Little house -Adele Gill

Amanda Seyfried’s Little House cover by me

Adele Gill aka Mommy

The possible effects of a horseshoe kidney

My daughter of 7 years was diagnosed with having a horseshoe kidney at the age of 8 months with numerous side-effects. High blood pressure being one of them. Her case was very unique because of two obstructions in the kidney tube which prevented the urine to flow normally. Unfortunately this damaged her one kidney by 75 percent and the other one by 25 percent. Her case was so unique that a University wanted to operate on her infront of medical students for educational purposes in exchange not paying for it. We rather wanted to pay.

I did a lot of self study on the internet and books etc to see what I can do to help my child.

Thank God they could help her on the 5th surgery by taking one of the kidney tubes and extend it to another part of the kidney. She no longer had high blood pressure but the damage was done.

I joined a social media group for people with similar conditions as hers and came to find a whole lot from all around the world. It seems that every person’s symptoms were unique in some or other way. I no longer felt alone.

Firstly I would like to discuss dietery reccomendations for people with this defect:

♡ Substitute normal salt with Himalayan salt
♡ Eat lots of bananas and raisins
♡ Drink atleast 2 litres water a day
♡ Check every medicine box before using it. Lots of them indicate that people with kidney damage may not use it
♡ Cut out any cooldrink which contains gases.

NOW the possible symptoms which accompany this birth defect:

High bloodpressure
Abdominal pain
Kidney stones
Urinary tract infections
Mild rash on stomach
No appetite

My daughter did not want to eat because of the medicine that she had taken at that stage.  The Captopril sometimes takes away your appetite. She was also on Purbloka.

ONE last tip… people with kidney problems should not use a vibrating foot massager or a machine that shakes the body vigorously.

I hope my tips have been helpful. Please comment if you want more detailed information.

My mid-life crisis at 28

How is it possible that at my age I am having a mid-life crisis?

I have this extreme fear that my life will be over soon and that I have achieved nothing that I wanted to do.

I want to be a writer (I can’t finish a book or get it published).

I want to finish learning playing guitar (Want to be able to play the difficult ones too).

I want to be a singer (Stage fright’s master).

I want my company to succeed badly!!!! (Only surviving!)

All of these things are so hard for me to finish and succeed. You can say JANE OF ALL TRADES, MASTER OF NONE!!!  That is exactly what it is.

I have all these amazing ideas in my head. The book ideas are best-sellers, but I just can’t get myself to finish it. Half-way through there is a little voice inside me that says ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It will never sell. THEN I STOP 😦

I wish there was a way that I can just send that part to a publishing company and letting them tell me… OH HELL NO. Don’t even bother trying… I mostly write in Afrikaans and competition is tough. I also don’t have any Degree in literature. The underdog if you will.

PLEEEEAAAASSEEEE any one out there that is feeling as I do?  Any tips on how I can pursue my dream and keep going??? I need some MOTIVATION stat!!!

Yours truly,


Sadness for the world

Tonight I feel a deep sadness for the world and it’s things.

I feel the heartache of the child sitting in a corner, clutching his legs. He is scared at this very moment, because mommy and daddy are fighting. He is wondering whether the Man that they heard about at church are real or not. He can hear glass breaking. Mommy is crying. He feels helpless.

I am wondering tonight about the man sitting on the corner of the street. Nowhere to go. Does he have someone to love?  I can imagine him letting everyone down that he ever loved and disappointing himself. The pain he must feel and the longing for the people that gave up on him.

Tonight I shed a tear for the mother that lost a child. To death or disappearance. Wondering whether it is worthwhile to keep breathing. She is wondering… Is my child safe? Is she crying? Is she scared? Is she calling for me? The pain is overwhelming and consuming all her energy. No one can understand the sense of failure she feels for not stopping what happened.

My heart goes out to the girl that can’t stand seeing herself in the mirror because of what  that girl said at school.  She feels vulgar. Like cutting off the fat. She wants to die. She never wants to see school as long as she lives. She feels worthless. Only, she do not know that there is a man looking at her with the most love that anyone can love another. She is most precious to Him.  That is where she would find her worth.

I pray and cry for these people tonight. I pray that through the heartache they will find the only One who can hold and make things better. The One that gives us worth. The one that lightens the worry. The one that can pick us up from what we think we are and not what we really can be.

God I pray that you will throw your arms around these hearts that are sinking at this very moment as I speak to You. You alone know who they are.


Your Daughter.

Proof of life after death

I read an article last week where scientists believed to proof there is life after death. It is a scary fact that we all are going to die some day. Look around you.  Do you see all the people? Every single one of them will be dead within 100 years. Weird to imagine, hey?

How do you feel about life after death? I would like to hear from you.


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Hollywood children abuse

Am I the only person that feels that the use of children in Hollywood are abuse? Some movies and not all though. I guarantee there are parents that force their children into auditioning only for the fact that is their dream to become famous.

The reason why I say it is abuse… just an example:

I loovvveeeee THE WALKING DEAD but somehow I feel that the baby used in the well known series must surely be traumatised by seeing the made up zombies. She doesn’t understand what is real and what is not…

Also any thriller or horror movie can be harmful to the young actors playing alongside the lead roles.

Another example is Tosh.O

I once saw an episode where a boys choir sang as backup for a web redemption and swore on tv…

I am not the type that sees everything wrong with Hollywood but our children are our future…. and what will our future look like…?

Stop fussing too much about animal cruelty and start fussing about child cruelty.

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